This topic covers how businesses have improved over time in collecting what their customer needs or to be precise “want to have”. It also covers the modern technical aspects of how much customer data is important for a business to prosper.

The Ancient Personalised Touch

Around 16th century, if people wanted clothes with beautiful embroidery or having a fabric better than the most with a personalised touch, they would go to a professional who would provide that personalised service to their customer and that usually took weeks or months as customer used to give time for their desired specifications and…

Apple launched an iPad with specs at par with desktop computing back in June 2020 and the world went crazy as to how and why did Apple launched it just a month after their MacBook Pro came out where former outclassed the performance of the latter’s intel i5 chips.

Yes Apple did go on-stage of launching their own SOC (System On a Chip) in the WWDC 2020 event for a 2-year transition phase thereby creating an Osborn Effect (Click here). This pre-announcement literally killed the sale of their then launched fresh iMacs. So apple next decided to put their last…

Handling routes in react can be one of the most tedious things in the application; the order of the endpoints and home routes, absolute and relative paths, parsing the params and fragments; specially handling the memory leaks and unnecessary toll on network when we try to load a single page application handling multi page functionality.

Though some of the above issue is remediated with React 16.6+, thanks to code-splitting, we can now use lazy-loading and suspense to only render the component when it is called upon, boosting the dynamicity and speed of application. But, here I’ll strictly be limited only…

Few hundreds or thousand billion of mails are circulated on a daily basis. Yes, you read that absolutely correct- Thousand Billion!!. I never paid any heed to this topic until recently when I found out that I’m unable to use my sendGrid account to send mails for testing a Web Application I am trying to develop.

Back in January 2020 I had created my sendGrid account but never tried using it much as I had some proclivity towards Mailchimp API’s. This August, I thought of using sendGrid just to give it a go. But all hell loose break!!

It was…

Pritam Pratik Agrawal

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